There's A Wallpaper For Everyone


PaperPull is a wallpaper publication that is supported by the community. Some of the wallpapers you find on the site are submitted by visitors of PaperPull.

Although most of the wallpapers are authorised for sharing and being used as a desktop, laptop, smartphone and even tablet wallpaper, we do not take credit for any of the wallpapers on the site. All wallpapers are copyrighted by their respective creators/authors. So, if you wish to use any of the wallpapers for commercial purposes, you will need to get permission from the respective creators/authors.

On the other hand, if you find any of the wallpapers fit the following descriptions, you can contact us directly here for take down notice:

  • Unethical
  • Explicit
  • Inappropriate
  • The wallpaper belongs to you and you don’t want it to be featured in PaperPull